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Unlocking Tough Tech Potential for a Better Tomorrow


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We build businesses based on cutting-edge Intellectual Property by partnering with researchers and providing the necessary financial and human capital

Our mission

IPL Ventures is a VC firm commercializing disruptive TOUGH TECH IP. We partner with leading academic & scientific institutions and scientists in CEE to address the burning problems of today & tomorrow in areas such as chemistry, material sciences, advanced manufacturing, 3D printing, robotics, and AI.

We equip our projects with robust commercialization strategies, top business operators, and the capital to help them emerge as world-class ventures with products solving next generation problems.

Our approach

01_We seek

We look for innovative and defensible intellectual property with enthusiastic founders in academia and industry, specifically in "tough tech" or "deep tech" that can significantly disrupt and advance solving major problems today and in the future.

02_We curate

We pressure-test the technology and team to determine the IP's inherent value and ambition, and carefully analyze the market to understand how it can benefit and disrupt target segments.

03_We nurture

We develop chosen IPs into full-fledged projects by providing financial investment and hands-on support through our network and commercial competencies. We work closely with the original team to ensure venture success.

04_We place

We help with obtaining initial customers and revenues to validate a project's market strategy, and then secure strategic partners for further growth after confirming the business model and initial market success.


Our approach identifies potentially ground-breaking intellectual property with eager founders to solve our greatest problems

What we look for


We specialize in "tough tech" scientific projects that utilize advanced technologies and novel approaches, particularly in bleeding-edge domains such as nanotechnology, material sciences, life sciences, advanced manufacturing, robotics, clean & climate tech, and others.


We seek projects with a tangible unfair advantage, typically backed by a unique and defendable intellectual property. We can help you with that.


Projects must aim to solve major challenges of today and tomorrow by disrupting the status quo. We seek exponential innovations that solve unsolved problems or significantly outperform existing solutions rather than incremental progress.


You don't need an established firm to work with us. We seek committed individuals or teams with strong scientific competencies who are willing to work hard to make a difference. We provide top-tier commercial skills to ensure success.


Meet the Team

Are you ready to change the world?

Have a great scientific project and want to make a difference? Let’s look at it! Reach out to us, and we'll work together to understand your undertaking and explore the journey ahead.
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